Automation and Industrial Electronics
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With more than 20 years of experience in the industry and our team's vast expertise, we provide you with a range of professional value-added services.

Automatyka i Elektronika Przemysłowa was established in 1996 as a provider of industrial machinery upgrade and automation services. As the business developed, the company managed to extend its service portfolio.
In 2012, the company merged with Simple Electronics to focus on new technologies and add new services to its offer.

Our portfolio encompasses design, upgrade, and warranty and post-warranty repair services based on cutting-edge technologies. These solutions improve performance and productivity while reducing costs and maximizing profits.

Our solutions for wood industry can be found both in Polish and other European markets.
We are a fast-growing company, dedicated to improving the level of our services all the time. Our team of designers, programmers and assembly workers have proved their qualifications in a number of projects. We fully engage in each and every commission with a view to satisfy all of the customer's expectations.

If there is a need which cannot be fulfilled with any off-the-shelf solution at hand, we will design and build a customized product.

Sorting optimization

Optimizing saw automation system for wood industry In order to maintain optimal times of processing an algorithm for sorting planks cut from maximum 5-metre-long raw material with the least possible amount of waste, an external module was used, based on a microcontroller which communicates with a PLC. The benefit of this solution is that the time needed to obtain a final plank cutting scheme was reduced to ca. 15 ms.