Automation and Industrial Electronics
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Repair and maintenance of industrial equipment

  • We perform post-warranty repairs and maintenance of industrial machinery and equipment, including metal- and woodworking machines, and machines for pallet production in particular.
  • Our offering also includes upgrading machine automation systems following random events, such as fire, flood, etc.

Automation systems design and development

  • Design and development of automation solutions for pallet manufacturing machines.

    Originally, these were pallet marking machines, used to burn pallet manufacturer and type information. Currently we design and build automation solutions for a whole line making pallets from semi-finished products.
    The full line comprises a block feeder, top nailer, drawer turning machine, bottom nailer, cleaner, cutter, thermal marking machine, turning machine, milling machine, and stacker.
  • Optimizing saw.

    Engineering an automation system for an optimizing notching machine for wood industry. A customer commissioned us to upgrade a sawing machine that was damaged as a result of fire. We reconstructed its automation system, using only a short operation manual and information provided by the customer. An optimal algorithm for sorting planks cut from raw material, and a unique way of interfacing a PLC with a microcontroller allowed to achieve the shortest possible algorithm processing time of maximum 20 ms. Such a short time is achieved with a raw material length of 5 m and a plank set comprising 5 pieces. Using the advanced sorting algorithm provides the best possible usage of the material.

Electronics design and manufacture

  • On customer’s request, we engineer analog and digital circuits, and we can also handle their series production.
  • Control cabinet assembly according to documentation and guidelines provided by a customer.


 Our projects are based on components offered by major suppliers, and customer-preferred subassemblies can also be used.

Sorting optimization

Optimizing saw automation system for wood industry In order to maintain optimal times of processing an algorithm for sorting planks cut from maximum 5-metre-long raw material with the least possible amount of waste, an external module was used, based on a microcontroller which communicates with a PLC. The benefit of this solution is that the time needed to obtain a final plank cutting scheme was reduced to ca. 15 ms.