Automation and Industrial Electronics
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We introduce a device that improves the operation of film tube blowing machines.

The device controls the diameter of the film tube, and it produces a sound alarm if a change in the diameter occurs or the film gets broken. Depending on the needs, the device can only activate the alarm to indicate the problem or, in an extended version, open a valve to pump in missing air and reapply the required balloon diameter.

The purpose of the device is to immediately detect the break of the tube or a change in its diameter and stop the production that fails to meet quality requirements.

Advantages of the device

  • Very easy to assemble.
  • No modification of the machine's electrical system is required.
  • Can be mounted on tubes of any diameter.
  • The sensor requires no installation of a mirror, and is mounted perpendicularly to the balloon’s surface.
  • The sensor threshold can be easily programmed in the range of 45 to 250 mm.

The device comprises:

  • A control device in a housing.
  • A film tube sensor.

Contact us for more technical details required to integrate our system with a machine.

Sorting optimization

Optimizing saw automation system for wood industry In order to maintain optimal times of processing an algorithm for sorting planks cut from maximum 5-metre-long raw material with the least possible amount of waste, an external module was used, based on a microcontroller which communicates with a PLC. The benefit of this solution is that the time needed to obtain a final plank cutting scheme was reduced to ca. 15 ms.