Automation and Industrial Electronics
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An inductive ring sensor (ring initiator) was engineered and built with a view to improve productivity, efficiency and quality.

By applying a protecting device that controls passing metal pieces or by detecting missing pulled or pushed pieces, such as tubes and wires, production below acceptable quality level can be eliminated, which helps increase production efficiency and generate cost savings.

Our sensors are equipped with internal memory and visualise, via LEDs in the sensor body, at which sensor a problem occurred.

The sensors can withstand the impact of external devices and other sensors.

A unique design enables our ring sensors to be connected in parallel with a single signal cable. There is no limit to the number of sensors connected in this way. By using our controller in this solution, we can easily confirm that all sensors detected the piece’s presence as it was passing them. On detecting the lack of the piece, depending on the controller set-up, the machine operation can be stopped and the LEDs in sensor bodies can indicate where there is a problem.

We also offer a version with a cable or a standard M8 connection.


Contact us for more technical details required to integrate our system with a machine.

Sorting optimization

Optimizing saw automation system for wood industry In order to maintain optimal times of processing an algorithm for sorting planks cut from maximum 5-metre-long raw material with the least possible amount of waste, an external module was used, based on a microcontroller which communicates with a PLC. The benefit of this solution is that the time needed to obtain a final plank cutting scheme was reduced to ca. 15 ms.